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Dive Organizer - Release Notes
Posted by Gianluca Tedone, Last modified by Support Supervisor on 30 October 2017 03:16 PM


Application Version: 2.21
Date: Oct 30th, 2017
Supported Operating Systems
Rights requirements: the setup requires Administrator rights.


New Features

New. Added the reprogramming support for the latest Matrix computers: the programmer is able to select the right code from a unique firmware file.
New. Added the reprogramming support for the latest Smart: the programmer is able to select the right code from a unique firmware file.


ENH. Improved the firmware update error handling.
Enh. Connection wizard speed-up in case of manual search.
Enh. Legacy computers: progress bar synchronized with reprogramming end.
Enh. Firmware downgrade allowed with different minor or build version (but not with different major version).
Enh. Improved the firmware update stability and avoided some false positives.
Enh. Improved efficiency on programming the older computers.
Enh. Improved the way to see the limits on tissues saturation.
Enh. Improvements on credentials management.
Enh. Added a vertical scroll bar to the enter long comments to a dive.
Enh. Provided the auto-scale feature to the temperature profile.
Enh. Processes handling improved.

Resolved issues

FIX. Wrong configuration applied during setup.
FIX. Issues updating from DB v.20: the secondary mixes in Nitrox dives are deleted so it will be convenient to download again the dives or to restore them from a DB backup v.20 or earlier.
FIX. Issues reprogramming Smart and Smart Apnea computers when blocked in bootloader status.
Fix. Fixed some connection issues when changing user.
Fix. Some issues showing the speed unit of measure and Smart Apnea.
Fix. Issues printing the free dives on PDF files.
Fix. Status message cleared when searching for a device manually.
Fix. A regression with the legacy computers reprogramming when blocked in bootloader status.
Fix. Issues downloading Quad computers at indexing-time.
Fix. Fixed some instabilities during Firmware Update phases.
Fix. Sometimes the application is blocked when attempting to upload maps to Icon computer.
Fix. Fixed issues synchronizing updated dives.
Fix. Corrected the right Fresh/Salt value in the dives synchronized with iDiversDiary.
Fix. Missing dive comment as synchronized field to send to iDiversDiary app.
Fix. Some issues exporting a FLASH file from a Nemo Excel computer.
Fix. Missing diver/user integrity check, causing application crash.
Fix. Application crash browsing for some dives from computers imported by DRAK and IRIS programs.
Fix. Missing factory data reload when reprogramming more than one computer with the same ENC file.
Fix. Missing required components warning message even not required.
Fix. Errors retrieving some settings and alarms in dive headers.
Fix. Streamlined the FormLogin localization inheriting from Mares.Library.Forms.LocalizedForm.
Fix. Password management should be hide when entering a new user is canceled.
Fix. Language selection don't change any text when creating a new user.
Fix. Language selection don't change the form caption at runtime (e.g. changing the language of a new user).
Fix. Differences between the culture applied to the form caption and the remainder of controls.
Fix. Issues with the new user buttons, they are hidden if culture is changed.
Fix. Wrong gas settings import (issue observed on Excel, Smart and Quad computers).
Fix. Issues with logbook download and flash dump for some Smart/Apnea.
Fix. Fixed the wrong driver version management on Vista (requires the same v6.7 as XP).

Detailed Change Log

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