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Dive Organizer - Release Notes
Posted by Gianluca Tedone, Last modified by Gianluca Tedone on 21 August 2018 02:00 PM


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Supported Operating Systems
Rights requirements: the setup requires Administrator rights.

Latest changes

New Features

New. Added the support for Smart Air computer.


Enh. Improved diagnostics functionality.
Enh. A better warnings handling.
Enh. Improved programmer stability and progress messaging.
Enh. A more accurate progress indication when indexing the logbook.
Enh. Icon reprogramming time slightly reduced.
Enh. Stopped the device search when an update is available.
Enh. More connection stability on the newest Nemo Wide, Puck 2 and Puck Pro computers.

Resolved issues

Fix. Missing to give more chars in dive spot, dive picture and maps description (up to 4000 chars now).
Fix. Missing animation and pictures in connection wizard for Quad and Quad Air computers.
Fix. Wrong warning message when upgrading Nemo Wide with firmware greater than v.1.75.
Fix. Puck Pro, Puck 2 and Nemo Wide 2 issues with programming finalization tasks.
Fix. Rarely could result a partial dive list if a newest computer is disconnected during logbook indexing.
Fix. Missing data when sending feedback for developers (upon user agreement).
Fix. Some issues during reprogramming of newest computers.
Fix. Issues parsing the correct logbook version with some Smart Apnea.
Fix. Fixed some issues about the Icon Driver setup.
Fix. Re-enabling the "Play" button on the programmer when a user don't want to proceed.
Fix. Missing error indication when a recent computer is accidentally disconnected during logbook import.

Detailed Change Log

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